I Switched to Vivobarefoot Shoes for Crossfit and My Injuries Disappeared

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Three years ago I switched to Vivobarefoot shoes for my Crossfit workouts and have not looked back since. After three severe ankle injuries, my orthopedic doctor recommended that I start wearing barefoot shoes for my WODs. I decided to try out the Vivobarefoot shoes and haven’t experienced any more injuries since making the switch. In this blog post, I’ll discuss my experience with Vivobarefoot and why I believe it was the right choice for me.


Three Severe Ankle Injuries

I had been training with Reebok Speed TR Flexweave for my Crossfit workouts, but I suffered three severe ankle injuries due to a lack of proper foot stability. The pain was so unbearable that I could no longer complete my workouts.



My Orthopedic Doctor’s Advice

I discussed the problem with my orthopedic doctor, and he advised me to wear zero-drop shoes duo to a heel-to-toe ratio which is designed to promote natural foot movement. He suggested I invest in a pair of barefoot shoes, such as Vivobarefoot Primus Lite. These shoes have a 0mm heel to toe drop, which allows your feet to move and flex as if you were barefoot.



Switching to Vivobarefoot

After much consideration, I decided to switch to Vivobarefoot shoes for my Crossfit workouts. When I first put on the Vivobarefoot shoes, I felt a significant difference in the way they moved with my body. The shoes are designed to provide an ultra-thin sole that allows your feet to move naturally, without restriction. This helps to prevent injuries by allowing your feet to adapt to any terrain. Additionally, the shoes are lightweight and breathable, so my feet stay cool and comfortable during my WODs.
I was hesitant to make the switch at first, but after a few weeks of wearing the Vivobarefoot shoes, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my ankle stability and overall performance. The lack of cushioning actually helped me stay more balanced while lifting, and the flexible sole allowed my feet to better grip the ground as I moved through my WODs. After months of consistent use, I am happy to report that my ankle injuries have completely disappeared and I no longer experience any pain or discomfort when doing Crossfit.



The Results

After switching to Vivobarefoot Primus Lite shoes for my Crossfit workouts, I have been amazed by the results. My ankles stopped hurting and I felt more connected to the ground during my workouts. The shoe’s sole is very thin, allowing me to feel the floor beneath my feet and providing me with great grip and stability. Additionally, the upper part of the shoe is breathable and flexible, allowing for a natural range of motion. Overall, the shoe has provided me with good cushioning, support, and stability while still allowing for natural movement. I am very happy that I made the switch to Vivobarefoot Primus Lite shoes and would highly recommend them for any Crossfit athlete looking to reduce the risk of ankle injuries.

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